Youth Group

High School Youth Group (grades 10-12)

The Youth Group strives to create an open and supportive environment where teenagers can be themselves and connect with a compassionate community. Largely youth led, but supervised and guided by our Director of Youth Programs and 3 volunteer Youth Advisors; we practice leadership skills, engage in social action, explore spirituality, and model Unitarian Universalist principles in an inclusive community. Youth Group engages its members in a mix of large and small group activities, which combine thoughtful discussion and reflection with fun and action! We play games, search for meaning, and make time for quiet reflection in the midst of our busy and sometimes pressured lives. We also plan and take part in weekend retreats, fundraisers, social events, and a week of service throughout the year.Meetings:  Sunday nights 7-9pm Service Trip 2015 Registration YG Registration 2014-2015 The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is made up for 2-3 youth leaders per grade and adult Youth Advisors.  They met at the beginning of this year to plan and create a vision for the group. This is their vision: YAC Purpose: Create a safe environment for all Youth Groupers; Instill order and maintain fairness, equality and justice with Youth Group; Plan and facilitate Youth Group; Organize and address events and issues; Brainstorm new ideas. Dreams: Have Youth Groupers who are not grade reps attend YAC; Have YAC members focus their attention for the entire meeting. Goals: Have 2+ grade reps for every class at every YAC meeting; Call someone to cover if grade rep can’t make it; Come to YAC prepared and cover agenda smoothly; Create excellent worships. Youth Group Purpose: Belong to a safe environment for worship and community building; Have a trustworthy place for self expression and discovery; Participate in volunteer service and to have fun. Dreams: Have perfect attendance; Have everyone feel completely included; Reaching out to increase Youth Group members. Goals: Provide more structure and more time for people to bond in family groups; Have diverse participation of YGers in different roles; Gradually deepen the curriculum. Youth Group 2011 Blog

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Contact Sana Saeed, Director of Youth Programs, at
617-484-1054 ext. 204 or email


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