Worship Committee Mission Statement

Worship Committee Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Worship Committee to work with the professional staff and congregation to foster meaningful worship in the church community, in keeping with our Principles and Purposes, by:

1. PROVIDING feedback to the professional staff and acting as a sounding board for the congregation on matters of our worship life.

2. ACCEPTING responsibility for and evaluating the presentation of lay-led services.

3. EXAMINING the form and content of services — at a detail/process level — to determine what works well and what could be improved upon.

4. OPENING and sustaining dialogue with the congregation on matters of worship.

5. TAKING risks and experimenting with new elements in the worship service and soliciting feedback.

6. ENCOURAGING and facilitating the development of other types of worship gatherings.

Submitted to the Parish Board by the Worship Committee, March, 1998.  Revised, September 2009