Worship Committee

Worship Committee


  • Jen Deaderick
  • Ariane Frank, chair
  • Jess Hicks
  • Paul Judge
  • Bruce Kozuma
  • Lanier Smythe
  • Rev. David Bryce, non voting member
  • Music Director Ian Garvie, non voting member

The Worship Committee works closely with First Church’s professional ministerial staff to provide assistance and feedback about worship services. The ministers look to the Worship Committee for ideas, support, and participation in creating meaningful services for an active and growing church. In support of the transcendent, the Committee attends to certain details of the services. The following activities support our work:

  • We explore the meaning and elements of worship for our church.
  • We invite members of the community to offer their Shared Journeys  or Committee Reflections as part of the Sunday worship service.
  • We invite members of the community, including children, to light the chalice during the Sunday services.
  • We invite members of the community to prepare and present a lay-led summer service. We coordinate these services throughout the summer

Summer Service Schedule 2016

Our Mission Statement

Our Covenant