What We Have Done

          Our new Church year has begun, with much work to do to achieve our goals.

            More on that in a moment; but before thinking about this year I want to pause and think briefly about last year’s achievements, which so many different individuals were involved in:

            The congregation settled a new minister and a new Director of Children’s Religious Education;

We held a Community convention and had an on-line congregational survey which is being used by the Parish Board and the committees to help guide their work;

A policy regarding the Church’s relationship with the Boy Scout’s was developed and approved in a manner that allowed all who wished to voice their concerns to do so, but more importantly, in a manner that showed deep respect for and right relationships with one another (it was a process to be humbly proud of);

We have a revamped and refreshed website;

Committees are able to control their own content on the website;

We have a Church Facebook page;

The Unitarian is now sent in a digital format for those who wish it that way;

            The Program Council and the committees of the Church began setting the Church calendar well in advance (more than a year) as a means of “smoothing out” the planning process;

            Various parts of the congregation began coordinating themes so that some sermons, Social Action programs, and topics of the Adult, Youth and Children’s Religious Education programs were focused on the same issues at the same time;

            We identified a number of “missing policies” and work has begun on both a Safe Congregation policy and a Behavioral Covenant;

We had a successful stewardship campaign—no mean feat given the prevailing circumstances in the nation.

            And by the end of the year:

            We made a decision to cut down on the number of single service Sundays for the coming Church year;

            A new Assistant Music Director was hired.

            And (with apologies to those who worked so hard on other projects) I know I have left out a lot.

            There is more to do, but what we have already accomplished is impressive. 

As we move forward, I hope that you will have the sense of progress and of continuity, of pride in what we have done and of hope and vision of what we can be.