Usher Instructions



Most memorial services require three ushers and one parking attendant.  One usher should take charge making sure that each task is assigned to a specific person.

Before the service:

  • Make sure the parking attendant knows how many spaces to reserve for the family.
  • Ensure that adequate seating is reserved for the family at the front of the sanctuary.
  • Discuss with the family if they wish to exit the sanctuary through the front door (to the right as you face the chancel) or out the back.
    • If the reception following the service is going to be in the Upper Gathering Space, the family can use either exit.
    • If the reception following the service is going to be in the Parish Hall, we recommend that the family leave through the door near the chancel and form a receiving line in front of the stage in the Parish Hall.   This avoids a bottleneck as the guests are exiting from the sanctuary.

In the sanctuary:

  • Welcome attendees and distribute Orders of Service (one at each of the two back entrances to the sanctuary).
  • When there is large attendance filling the sanctuary and parlor, assist attendees in finding available seats.
  • Escort family members from their gathering location, usually the library, maybe the parlor, to the front rows of the sanctuary.

At the end of the service:

  • Escort the family from the sanctuary.
  • If the pews are relatively full, the ushers should dismiss the guests one row at a time, alternating from one side of the sanctuary to the other.   Hold people in the pews if there is a backup from the receiving line into the sanctuary.