My three children grew up at The First Church in Belmont. They are now college-age, but throughout their childhood First Church enriched our family in so many ways. The Unitarian Universalist principles provided a moral basis for them to interpret the world and to understand their place in it. Through the religious education and neighboring faiths programs they gained an awareness of world religions and traditions that many of their peers did not. This became evident to them during discussions in history and social studies classes at school, and when they met new friends from other countries with diverse backgrounds. Through the children’s choirs they experienced the joy of spiritual music; they formed special bonds with the other children; and felt the exhilaration of performing a theatrical musical. Through the Our Whole Lives program, they developed healthy and positive attitudes about their sexuality, so during high school I worried less about their ability to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner. Throughout the high school years the youth group provided an accepting group of peers that cut across the usual social categories. On the service trips they learned about and formed special connections with Mexican immigrants, Native Americans and Appalachians. They have each expressed at various times how First Church shaped and enriched their lives. I am so grateful we made the decision to make First Church our church when they were young.