Summer Services

Lay-Led Summer Services

Summer worship services have become an important aspect of our shared ministry. These are important touch stones during the summer months, when travel and vacation separate us as a community. Usually held in the Parish Hall, they allow for different seating arrangements and musical offerings in a more flexible setting. Recent themes have included “Finding Inner Strength and Resilience,” “Compassionate Truth-telling,” and “Celebration of Doubt” among many other interesting themes. The format of the services is usually informal and variable. Some services revolve around talks, while others involve sharing circles, with music provided by a capella singing or CD recordings. Child care is provided by FCB youth.

Interested in leading a Lay-Led Summer Service? Have you ever thought to yourself “This would make a great worship service” or “This aspect of spirituality is rich and intriguing for a lay-led theme”? Is there a personal or professional interest you have that would enrich us? If you are inspired to lead a Lay-Led Summer Service we’d like to hear from you. If so, the Worship Committee provides guidance and support.

Please contact Ariane Frank at She will be happy to answer your questions and give you additional information. 

More information on creating a lay-led service can be found in this guide.