The Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry unites communities and transforms individuals through education, service, and advocacy. We engage communities and congregations in social action and change with programs that empower youth and adults to realize their full potential.

For nearly 200 years, the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry has been working side-by-side with Boston’s urban communities to create opportunities and instill hope for a brighter future. Urban Ministry is the only organization of its kind – a free-standing UU social action organization, linked to the more than 50 UU churches in the Boston area and devoted to a ministry rooted in direct experience and service to those in Boston who are struggling for their lives. Each year member churches pay dues and are asked to make contributions to support its programming.

The Urban Ministry seeks to build bridges of understanding and mutuality so that people from all rungs of the economic ladder can work together to effect change. Our goal is to create a human community that is peaceful and just. We concentrate our efforts in four main areas:

  • out-of-school-time programming for at-risk youth;
  • youth weekend enrichment opportunities;
  • shelter for those fleeing domestic violence;
  • and a program to provide support for men in transition .

In addition, the Urban Ministry links youth to summer camps in Boston area to openings that are held just for the children of our youth programs.

Volunteers are also needed as teachers for an English as a Learning Language (ELL) program.

If you would like to offer volunteer assistance to the Urban Ministry, we welcome your participation in any of our programs. Please contact us about current opportunities and the type of orientation or training that might be recommended. We look forward to hearing from you.

To find out how you can be part of this transformative program, please contact or go to for more information about the programs of the UU Urban Ministry.


Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry of Boston

10 Putnam St.
Boston, Mass. 02119