The Grow ClinicThe Grow Clinic has been supported by members of First Church since 1984.

The Grow Clinic committee coordinates food and money collection for The Grow Clinic for Children, an outpatient subspecialty clinic at Boston Medical Center that was founded by pediatrician Dr. Deborah Frank to provide comprehensive specialty medical, nutritional, developmental and social services and dietary assistance to infants and toddlers from the Greater Boston area referred with Failure To Thrive (FTT) by their primary care physician. In addition to providing clinical services, they advocate for policies that decrease the number of children in need. The Grow Clinic is part of BMC’s Department of Pediatrics.

These children are the most medically fragile babies living in the most economically fragile communities.  Dr. Frank’s clinic is also home to a research project tracking food insecurity among young children and their families.  The Grow Clinic established a preventative food pantry, which was the first in-hospital food pantry in the nation. They fill “prescriptions” by Boston Medical Center physicians for low-income patients with nutrition-related illnesses.

First Church fills our baskets with high calorie, nutritious food that will be taken to the Grow Clinic and Food Pantry at Boston Medical Center, the food goes directly from our baskets to the high chairs and tables of families in need.

Volunteers are needed to assist with emptying the Grow food baskets after church services and organizing it prior to transport. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Grow Committee:

  • Kathy Crawley, Chairperson
  • Javier Balloffet and Julie Graessle, Transportation
  • Gloria Stretch Growie, Grow Ambassador

For more information or to volunteer please contact

To go to The Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center website, please click here.