First Church members staff the opening of the Belmont Food Pantry on the second Tuesday of every month. There will be a sign-up table after Sunday services to recruit volunteers for the months of October through January. Volunteers work for about 90 minutes, from 5 – 6:30 p.m.

Sign up to volunteer at the Belmont Food Pantry

This is a terrific volunteer opportunity for families with school-age children.

woman sorting boxes of foodThe Pantry is open four days a month and distributes groceries free of charge to Belmont families. Volunteers help stock the shelves and then assist clients in procuring items by letting them know how much of various types of groceries they are permitted to take and helping them locate particular items that they may be interested in.  First Church members also frequently assist in some of the Pantry’s major food drives, such as the Columbus Day “Belmont Serves” event and the April Postal Carriers food drive. To volunteer or if you have questions, please email

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