Small Group Ministry

Small Group Ministry

FALL 2015

We are adding one new small group ministry group to our three ongoing groups. Facilitators Robert Donaghey and Joan Loewenburg will be meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays in September and October and then monthly on the second Wednesdays. If you are interested in joining our new group or are eager to explore joining another group please contact Lillian Anderson

Small Group Ministry at The First Church is for people who want to explore their faith in a small group setting. After a brief check-in, group members practice an active listening technique as the topic (such as prayer, beauty, God, forgiveness, love, heaven, approval, or healing) circles around the room and the participants share a story or reflection. Sessions are typically 90 minutes long.

Thanks to the leadership of trained lay facilitators, our daytime and evening groups have flourished and grown over the past five years. People who attend SGM often say, “These are the conversations I thought I’d have at coffee hour. I feel so close to my group members. Small Group Ministry is an oasis in my busy week.” We particularly welcome new members of the church community to SGM. It can be an excellent way to connect to a small group of new friends.

Currently, there are two evening and one daytime group who meet every other week.  If you are interested in learning more about SGM, joining a group,  or being trained as a facilitator, please contact Lillian Anderson anytime at or call 617-484-1054 x 207.