Scott Sugarman

photo-1Scott Sugarman

Scott Sugarman grew up as a member of the First Church community in Belmont, and graduated the youth group in 2003. For the past 5 years, Scott has been employed as a Human Services non-profit administrator, working with adults with cognitive disabilities. He is currently a division manager and oversees supervision of six residential programs for the Cooperative For Human Services, a non-profit agency based out of Lexington. He is also constantly active in the music world, currently playing drums in three projects each week. For the past 2 years, he has worked as a mentor for the Coming of Age program, and decided that moving up to the Youth Group would be a good change of pace for the new school year.  His brother is David Sugarman, who is a member of the Senior class.  After working with COA for two years, Scott is familiar with the incoming Sophomore and Junior classes, and is looking forward to a wonderful year with them!