Summer 2015 Emergency Pastoral Care

Summer 2015 Emergency Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care coverage is meant to be emergency only. (Congregations use various other terms including “crisis” or “urgent”). The intent is that only very serious issues will be responded to; e.g., someone dying, someone dead, major emotional crisis. It is not meant to be a time to sit down with someone to talk, for example, about one’s future career path.

This is in part because the on-call ministers are carrying quite a burden of pastoral care during their on-call time. Also, it is not meant for coverage of rites of passage (weddings, child dedications, etc.).

Month of July [except Fourth of July weekend (July 3 through July 5)]: Rev. Mark Caggiano
Office – 617-566-6237
Home – 617-232-0011

July 3 through July 5: Rev. Doris Hunter

July 11 to July 31: Rev. Mark Harris
Home – 617-923-3922
Cell – 207-347-9741