neighboring faiths

Building Bridges Program (all of 7th grade & the fall of 8th grade)

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. The Building Bridges program is a curriculum that will help our youth explore the many diverse religions around the world. The program introduces youth to faith traditions within the larger community and actively engages them in exploring the ritual practices of other religious groups. Goals of the program are to create experiences where youth can participate personally in the faith traditions of others, reflect on universal religious experiences and explore their own values as they relate to many other traditions. We hope they will become more aware of the many connections between Unitarian Universalism and other faith traditions to increase their understanding and appreciation of religious diversity. In their travels and visits to other faiths, they will build relationships with peers, the adult leaders, and with their own congregation and religious community.

Visits to other faiths happen approximately once per month.  The schedule is based on the time of the service being visited.


All youth must have a signed permission form to participate in visits. (One form covers the entire year).  Parent drivers are needed for visits and also must complete a volunteer form and a background check. Please see links below for required forms.


Volunteer Driver Form

Click here for information on how to complete a background authorization.

Permission Form