Martin Luther King Breakfast

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Martin Luther King Breakfast

 This coming Fourth of July will mark two hundred and thirty five years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence with its glowing words about the “unalienable Rights” of all people. 

This nation was founded upon the Enlightenment doctrine of human rights: human rights are inherent to and belong to the individual.  This means that the violation of the rights of any person by anyone—by government, by another person or by a corporation—is illegitimate. 

By now, one would think, we would have it right.  But we still do not.  Too many people are still left out of the equality and justice that we have long proclaimed is the birthright of all.  Issues of race, class, national origin and religion still act as barriers to far too many people.  

On Monday, January 17, 2011, Belmont Against Racism will be sponsoring its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast.   I intend to be there as a statement of my support for change and for achievement of the ultimate dream of liberty and equality for all.

I understand that members of this congregation were pivotal in the creation of Belmont Against Racism; it would be good to see many of you there.

On a completely different subject: Happy New Year to all.  I hope that your holidays were exciting and yet restful, appropriately draining but also invigorating. 

As the new year of 2011 unfolds, may we face it with joy and expectation; and may all of our dreams for it be fulfilled.