Lifespan RE Theme 2010-2011: Unitarian Universalist History

Lifespan RE Theme 2010-2011: Unitarian Universalist History

Join us in learning about Unitarian Universalist History this year at FCB during our UU History focus for all ages!

Quick, how many of these questions can you answer?

  • Which faith tradition is older:  Universalism or Unitarianism?
  • Who was the first ruler to mandate religious tolerance?
  • When did Universalism and Unitarianism merge?
  • How were the Transcendentalists related to UUism?
  • Why are so many UU churches the “First Parish” or “First Church” in their town?
  • What contributions to Unitarian Universalism have FCB members made?

To help find the answers the Lifespan Religious Education team is planning a year-long focus on Unitarian Universalism history.  We’ll have multiple events throughout the coming church year which will look at various aspects of UU history.  Some events will be targeted for a particular age group and some will be intergenerational.

Click here for an overview of all the events planned for the year. Visit our Lifespan RE Events page for more details about upcoming events.