Lay-Led Summer Service Schedule 2016

Join Us For Lay-Led Summer Services!

Services begin at 9:30am in the Parish Hall • Childcare provided • Click here to download a printable PDF flyer.

June 19

Rob Kinslow – My Father’s Hat

Seven years after his father died, Rob continues to learn from his dad. Intentional or not, these lessons impart a larger one: that our most important relationships continue to grow and change, even if those relationships are no longer in the physical world—yet another dimension of the independent web. A magician as well as writer, Rob will share three lessons he’s learned from his father in these past few years, using a little magic to illustrate.

Rob Kinslow is a seminarian at Andover Newton Theological school, where he is pursuing a master’s in divinity. By day he is vice president for life sciences at KHJ Brand Activation, a Boston marketing firm. He lives in Arlington with his wife, Janice Zazinski (our church administrator), son, Dan and dog, Daisy.

June 26

Karsten Küppenbender + Siobhan O’Neill – Marriage as a Spiritual Path

How do we learn about each other and our desires? What about the inseparable nature of love and aggression? What kind of an answer is marriage, and how could it be a spiritual path?

July 3

Jess Hicks – Mindful Movement, Gentle Yoga

Experience the healing power and embodied wisdom that already exists within you. Jess will give a brief talk on both the history of yoga and more modern scientific findings on what makes yoga such a wonderful practice for people of all ages, ability, and body types. The talk will be short so that we will have time to practice! Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat and a twin-sized blanket if you have them.

July 10

Catherine Stalberg + Ken Stalberg – Meet Me At My Garden Bench

Guided Imagery and Live Music

July 17

Edwin Taylor – Miracles, Myths, and Magical Thinking

The first UU principle is the worth and dignity of every person. We should extend this principle to historical figures as well. For most of history, a charismatic leader could confirm his (occasionally her) uniqueness by performing miracles. To apply our scientific standards to these ancients flattens them and robs them of the richness of character seen by their contemporaries. Let them be! They owe us nothing; instead, it is our task to understand them in their natural habitats.

July 24

Alice Trexler + Downing Cless – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

Hymns, poetry, stories, images, and reflections on these essential elements of our environment.

July 31

Charlotte Lehmann – It’s A Party Line!

Regardless of where we, as individuals, ground our beliefs about ultimacy and meaning; regardless of whether or not we, as individuals, use traditional religious or spiritual language, all of us at one time or another makes use of prayer or petition to express our hopes or desires for change and growth in our own lives and the interconnected existence in which we all share. The historical roots of Unitarian Universalism held in balance the individual and communal activities and responsibilities of religious people.

In this service, we contemplate the value of unmediated prayer and experience the power of communal meditation, through which we may feel emotional connection and renewal.

August 7

Livia Racz + Lynn Read – Reflections from the 2016 Partner Church trip to Désfalva

Reflections, thoughts, things learned, etc. by some of those who visited Désfalva, our sister congregation in Transylvania, Romania this summer. We’ll have a few photos from the trip and some of the music performed there as well.

August 14

Eleanor Hobbs – The Heavenly Messengers

How contemplation of what Buddhists call “The Heavenly Messengers“ can promote spiritual growth and bring greater awareness and joy into your everyday life. The service will include a short guided meditation, readings and a teaching about the heavenly messengers.

August 21

Jen Deaderick – All Men Would Be Tyrants

The religious roots of women’s exclusion and participation in the Public Sphere.

August 28

Valentin Frank – Tranquilo

A study in the Paraguayan art of unwinding.

September 4

Bruce Kozuma – Faking It: Forging a Life when You Feel Like You Just May Be, Occasionally, Out Of Your Depth

In my daily work, I often have no idea of what others are talking about as their job is to  push the bounds of what is known and possible as fast as possible. As I’ve figured out how to deal with that reality, I thought some of what I’ve learned might also be applicable to other aspects of life and just maybe to others as well.