Julie Franzini

Julie Franzini, Youth Advisor

Julie is originally from Framingham, MA and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with minors in Political Science and Global Studies at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. As an undergraduate Julie spent two semesters studying abroad in Ecuador and Mexico. These initial experiences interacting with people with diverse life experiences and worldviews profoundly impacted her. After completing her undergraduate studies Julie continued to learn from experience by living and teaching abroad for two years in Honduras and South Korea.Over the past six years Julie has been working in the field of education as the coordinator for a youth activist group, formal classroom teacher, popular educator, and program manager for study abroad programs. She recently completed her Master of Arts in Intercultural, Service, Leadership and Management at the SIT Graduate Institute. Julie’s passion is connecting youth with educational programs that foster personal growth and a commitment to social justice, so she was very excited to join The First Church in Belmont as the new Youth Advisor this year.