Grow Clinic Wish List

Grow Clinic Wish List

Carnation Instant Breakfast (powder)

Graham crackers

Rice, Pasta, Spaghetti sauce

Tuna fish in oil

Thick canned stews

Canned ravioli and spaghetti

Canned corn

Canned or instant pudding (no gelatin)

Canned meats (corned beef, etc.)

Boxed mac and cheese

Canned beans (not green beans)

Raisins and other dried fruit

Mayonnaise and salad dressing

Canned fruits in heavy syrup

Hot and Cold Cereals

Canned Chili

Chocolate syrup or Nestle Quik

Peanut butter

Canned gravy, Vegetable oil

Instant mashed potatoes

Canned vegetables

Evaporated milk (not non-fat powdered milk)