Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Committee Composition, 2016 – 17

The Committee currently is comprised of 10 members, which includes members representing various financially related activities of the church along with the Parish Board President and Treasurer as ex officio members.  The current members and their other responsibilities include:

  • Scott Johnson: Chair, Finance Committee
  • Doug Burden:  Chair, Investment Review Committee.
  • Chris Albano: Member, Finance Committee
  • Martha Gallagher:  Member, Finance Committee
  • Jonathan Wolf:  Member, Finance Committee.
  • Charles Hamann:  Member, Finance Committee.
  • Bob McGaw:  Member, Finance Committee
  • Mark Thurber: Member, Finance Committee
  • Ana Hammock: Parish Board President, ex-officio
  • Penny Schafer: Parish Board Treasurer, ex-officio

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities

The Committee exists to advise and support the church in general and the Parish Board in particular, about various matters that relate to the financial well-being of the church and its operations.  More specifically, the Committee’s activities may be characterized as a mix of recurring, often annual, responsibilities along with one-time, project-specific tasks with a defined beginning and end.  Examples include: Working with the leaders of the annual pledge drive to advise and assist in its planning and execution. Reviewing, authorizing and advising fund-raising activities seeking more than $1,000 that take place on church property, or target the church community as potential donors to a church-sponsored project. Reviewing the performance of the church’s endowment and discussing related issues with the Investment Review Committee. Reviewing and advising the Treasurer during the formation of the annual church budget. Coordinating communication of financial information to the congregation.

Initiatives and Projects

This year, in addition to its recurring responsibilities, new initiatives are being identified.