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Last week I started using my Facebook page.  I have had it for almost a year, but did not pay much attention to it and did not use it for anything.  It seemed to be one of those interesting things one acquires and then puts on a shelf in the basement or in a box in the attic and forgets about.

But last week I decided to start using it.  I am not sure what motivated me to do so, but suddenly it seemed to be something of value.

This is a professional page (RevDavid Bryce); I will use it for my ministry and so I am going to be quite circumspect about the kinds of things I put on it.  For example, I had filled out the section on my political views (really, my partisan views) but have removed this as I do not want my politics to become an issue of contention or debate for those who look me up for my religious views.

But I am off topic. 

The point was Facebook and how I am slowly moving into the present.  The world has changed and I have not changed with it; at least, I have not changed quite as quickly as the world has. 

If I want to be a person—and a minister—who is comfortable with and relevant to the current world, then I “should” have had a Facebook page years ago.  And I should probably be on Twitter.  And maybe on a few other social media that I am not yet aware of.  But, hey, I’m getting better!

It is that sudden change that occurred within me that I find fascinating, the change that suddenly made Facebook valuable.  I cannot tell you what that was, I cannot tell you why it was, I only know that it was.  How often is that what happens for us in our lives?

And what of aspects of religion or spirituality that I have previously known were present in or around me, but that I paid no attention to; might one or more of them suddenly become a thing of value to me?  I think I might begin to look for those.