“Starshot Program” and Potluck Supper

Date(s) - Friday, October 27

Parish Hall


“Starshot” Program and Potluck Supper
Steve Saar and Andrea Prestwich
Friday, October 27
7:00pm potluck, 8pm program, Parish Hall

Exploring a New Earth in 40 Years:
Project Starshot, Happening Now!

An Earth-like world has been discovered around the nearest star, Proxima Centauri.  A daring plan to visit it robotically in about 40 years is underway…  with a fleet of micro-craft sailing on beams of light.

Will it succeed?  How will it work?  What will we
find?  A real “Star Trek” adventure is underway; find out all about it!

Steve Saar will tell us about this and Andrea Prestwich will provide an update to her previous talk, discussing the latest  gravitational waves results, as well.

The Adult Programs Committee invites you to join us for a potluck supper at 7pm followed by the program at 8pm.
Plan to bring a dish and a beverage to share.
RSVP to Lillian (landerson@uubelmont.org) to let us know that you are coming to the potluck.

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