“Escalating Inequality” Discussion

Date(s) - Sunday, October 22

First Church Library


“Escalating Inequality” Discussion
Task Group – Lillian Anderson, Ariane Frank, Jackie Neel, Sana Saeed,
Nate Sellers
Sunday, Oct. 22, 10:15am, Library

What is “Escalating Inequality?
Challenging extreme inequality is a moral imperative. The escalation of inequality undergirds so many injustices which our faith movement is committed to addressing: from economic injustice to mass incarceration; from migrant injustice to climate change; from sexual and gender injustice to attacks on voting rights.

  • It includes the following:
    Economic Inequality: Roots and Realities
    Class and Classism
    Inequality, Class, and Our Congregation
    Interrupting Cycles of Inequality

Join the Task Group to discuss the genesis of the theme, what we hope to accomplish and the implications for programming at First Church.

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