Denise Azar

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Child Care Provider

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Denise began working in the nursery on Sundays back in the fall of 1987.  Since that time she has entertained and comforted countless of FCB's youngest attendees.  She has seen attendance peak at 24 babies and toddlers during the bustling days before double services began.  She has witnessed multiple children in a family growing up and moving on to Sunday school classes.  Indeed, some of the babies that Denise played with are now old enough to be parents themselves! Denise was born in Belgium, with French as her first language.  She came to the United States when she was twenty as an Au Pair for a family living in Pennsylvania.  Denise's husband is a civil engineer in construction and she and her growing family lived in Kuwait for four years while he was on a job and then in Iraq for three years. Her husband was working on the Ishtar Sheraton hotel in Baghdad when the Gulf War started, the hotel where journalists gathered on the rooftop to watch incoming scud missiles each night.  Denise and her husband decided to stay in Baghdad to honor the contract to build the hotel.  They had four small children at the time and the two years they were there during the war were without electricity, in extremely hot conditions, with no way to store food, no furniture and milk was very diffiicult to find. Denise would cover the children with mattresses when missile sirens went off.  Eventually they left Iraq and managed to get safely to Jordan.  After that Denise lived in the US for five years while her husband worked on projects abroad. Denise and her husband have two sons and a daughter and four grandchildren.  Denise provides child care for two of her grandchildren during the week, which she loves doing.  She just can't get enough time with babies and young children.
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