The 2017 March Stewardship Drive Is Underway!

Thank you for visiting the First Church Stewardship Page.  Our pledge goal for the 2017 March Stewardship Campaign is $610,000. To reach our goal, we need generous increases in pledges at all levels of giving. Here is the information you need for the 2017 March Stewardship Drive: Make a Pledge Online Now!

Any questions, please feel contact Roger Read, Stewardship Chair, at, or Mark Thurber at

Thank you for supporting the 2017 March Stewardship Drive!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2017 March Stewardship Campaign?

This is the annual campaign to raise funds required for the continued operation of First Church in the upcoming fiscal year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  During the campaign, members and friends of First Church pledge the money that will be used to pay minister and staff salaries, to support our many wonderful Church programs, for the maintenance and utilities for the physical building, etc. Your pledge is your commitment to contribute a specified amount of money to support the church for the upcoming fiscal year.

What is the deadline for making my pledge?

The stewardship campaign officially starts Sunday, March 5, 2017, and we hope you will join fellow parishioners in delivering your pledge that day in church at the Offertory in our wonderful tradition of Celebration Sunday.  If you are unable to decide on your pledge by then, we ask that you make your pledge no later than Sunday, March 26, 2017. On-time pledging is absolutely necessary since the Parish Board has to finalize the coming year’s budget in April for the congregation to approve in May.  Our church depends on all of us.

How much should I pledge?

We hope you will consider the importance of the church to you, your family, and the community, and be as generous as you can within your means.  To reach our $610,000 pledge goal, we need both more pledges and larger pledges at all levels.  Here are some guidelines that may help:  

  • If you are new to First Church or have not made a Stewardship pledge or donation before, would you please consider making a generous donation now?
  • If you have been pledging below the church’s target median pledge level of $1,500, can you consider raising your pledge to or toward that range?
  • If your pledge has been below the church’s target average pledge level of $2,500, can you consider raising your pledge to or toward that range?
  • Finally, if you find your connection to the church has deepened over time, could this be the year you step up to a higher tier of support, such as a pledge in the $3,000 or $4,000 range, or a leadership-level pledge of $5,000 and above? Over 35% of last year’s pledge total came from households pledging $5,000 and above.  The church depends heavily on this cornerstone of support and is constantly seeking more generous households at the leadership level..

You can also refer for guidance to the First Church Giving Guide on page 2 of the Pledge Form. Please know that we value all gifts of whatever amount.  The primary guidance is that your pledge should be generous in light of your circumstances.

How do I make my pledge?

  • Complete your pledge form and bring the completed form to church or drop it in the mail to: First Church in Belmont, 404 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478.  Pledge packets were mailed to members and friends in late February.
  • Can’t find your pledge form?  Contact to request another copy of your personalized form or your appeal letter.
  • Pick up a pledge form in the church administrator’s office (or print this one)
  • Pledge online. Click here to complete the online pledge form.
  • Pledge by e-mail. Send an email to State the amount you wish to pledge, the frequency (g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), your complete name(s), and telephone number.

How do I pay or fulfill my pledge?

  • By Check:  Pay by check (be sure to write “2017-18 Pledge” or “FY 18 pledge” on the memo line), or
  • Automated withdrawal.  Pay by automated withdrawal from your bank account – easy to set up, and convenient for you and the church. Please complete this form and return it to church administrator Janice Zazinski. Questions? Please email or call Janice Zazinski at or 617-484-1054, ext. 10.
  • Donation of Securities.  If you wish to make a pledge payment through donation of securities, please contact Doug Burden at or call the church administrator at 617-484-1054, ext. 10.

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