What is planned giving?

Planned giving supports the long-term health and sustainability of our faith planned givingcommunity. Generally, a planned gift commitment is made during your lifetime. It can take various forms depending on your circumstances and needs. A planned gift can be a
deeply spiritual way to create a link between your past, present and future, as well as with the future of our church community after your lifetime. Such a commitment can deepen your connection to the church community. Any member or friend of the church can become a member of The Hal Babcock Society by indicating that he or she has made arrangements for a planned gift. This society is named for a beloved member who showed great generosity toward the church, and concern for its long-term sustainability.

Why Now? When Do I Start?

Whether you are middle-aged, or feel 75 years young, or simply grateful for the health of your children, family members and loved ones, this is a good moment to begin considering a planned gift to The First Church. You can consider a variety of financial vehicles that fit your budget, your plans for retirement, and your family’s needs. The reason for giving is as important as the gift. Planned gifts made be made in a variety of forms:  leading examples include but are not limited to the gift of a life insurance policy, a charitable annuity, a bequest or the gift of an IRA. For more information, please feel free to contact Charles Hamann at hamann@casneredwards.com.