Martin Plass

“The summer is over, need help to find that dream job you always wanted?  Don’t go it along.”

With the recent multiple landings, the Jobseeker Buddy Group is looking to recruit new members and will be going to a limited meeting schedule until it has rebuilt a core group.  The meetings are held on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am to 11am,  contact Martin Plass mplass@uubelmont.orgi f interested in becoming a member.  Check this website and/or the Unitarian for the meeting schedule. Regular Meeting times – Tuesday  9:30am-11am  – typically in the library but check the Church administrator, Janice (  and the calendar on the webpage for weekly times and meeting location. 

The Jobseeker Buddy Group is a small support group for people looking for new or better jobs. We will meet on a weekly basis for about 2 hours in the library. A typical meeting will allocate 10 minutes to every member to discuss job search activities done during the previous week and what is planned for the following week. Various job search topics will be covered – resume writing, unemployment filing, interviewing, information interviewing, marketing plans, use of LinkedIn and job boards, salary negotiations, etc to help members with their job search.  The members bring up topics of needs and support each other by providing encouragement, feedback, ideas and networking opportunities.   Members will reach out to the First Church Community to seek advice and networking opportunities to aid their job search.    Occasionally we will have guest speaker, career coach come talk about interviewing or salary negotiating practice, resume writing and critiquing, dress for success, etc.  Feel free to drop in or contact one of the facilitators.