At well over a century old, the Belmont UU Alliance is the longest continuing group at First Church. In recent years, it has expanded to include men. Our purpose is to provide a forum for friendship and discussion, as well as service to the wider church community. We meet monthly on a Wednesday noon to share lunch, conversation and a program. Programs have included nearby outings, documentaries, and talks by a variety of members and non-members of First Church on topics of arts and culture, travel, current events, religion, and more. In the past we have contributed to the maintenance and repairs of the Tiffany window and other church projects. Look for notices of our meetings in The Unitarian and as advertised by Adult Programs.

Non-members are always invited. For information about membership, please contact us through the email below.


UU Alliance Wednesday Lunch and Program 2017-2018

September 20, 2017- Concord River Cruise & Lunch. Cancelled due to rain

October 18, 2017- Armenian Museum of America in Watertown

November 15, 2017- Belmont Animal Control Officer, John Maguranis

December 20, 2017- Doris Hunter: “UU’s and Interfaith Initiatives”.

January 17, 2018 – Sana Saeed: “Islam & UU” (Moved to Snow Date: Jan. 31)

February 21, 2018- Tufts Art Gallery: “A Decolonial Atlas: Strategies in Contemporary Art of the Americas”

March Program Moved to April 18 Snow Date: Fred Van Deusen: “Income Inequality”

May 16, 2018 – “Capturing Grace” Video, Alice Trexler: introduction; Preceded by Lobster Lunch & Brief Annual Meeting


Alliance 2016-2017 Programs:

  • September 21: Concord River Boat Cruise with Lunch
  • October 19: The Tufts Art Gallery with Interactive Guide
  • November 16: Documentary: Merchants of Doubt
  • December 14: Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain for Artists and Non-Artists
  • January 18: Screening: Alvin Ailey’s Choreographic Masterpiece, Revelations
  • February 15: Let’s Go Diving: The Fijian People and Their Coral Reefs
  • March 15: Introduction to Geneological Research
  • April 19: The Lacota Medicine Wheel (after: Annual Lobster Lunch with Brief Annual Reports)
  • May 17: Pot Luck Social and Discussion Topics

Contact Co-Chairs Nicole Bernstein (left) and Alice Trexler at for additional information.

Miriam Baker/Treasurer, Patricia Hawkins/Program Coordinator; Jeanne Johnson/Secretary

Ex Officio Officers: Julie Goetz, Carla Kirmani, and Laura Miller