The Nominating Committee is the church entity charged in the Bylaws as responsible for identifying and supporting the recruitment of candidates to stand for election for open positions on the Parish Board, Finance Committee as well as the Nominating Committee itself to be elected at the Annual Meeting. We regard this responsibility as our highest priority.  If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, please contact us. Beyond this primary responsibility, and as time and resources permit, we have attempted, in recent years, to support all committees in the church by building a general awareness, via educational activities, of the many volunteer opportunities in the church, to facilitate each committee’s efforts to recruit new members as needed. We also take on specific recruiting projects at the request of the Parish Board. Each member of the Nominating Committee serves as a liaison to the one of following committees: Adult Programs, Children’s Religious Education, Membership Committee, Social Action, and Worship, and others. We counsel program committees on good succession planning / chair rotation, encourage review & periodic updating of their mission / vision statements as well as their recruitment methods.

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2017-2018 Committee Reporting to the May 2018 Annual Meeting:

Doug Burden (2015-2018), co-chair

Leslie Kolterman (2015-2018)

Ed Bing (2016-2019), co-chair

Scott Ferson (2016-2019)

Margaret Elkind (2017-2020)

Beth Westlund (2017-2020)