The paramount duty of the Ministerial Relations Committee is to provide professional support and feedback to the Senior Minister. This Committee might occasionally work with the Committee on Ministry on some aspects of ministerial support.

The committee’s role will be to:

Provide ongoing personal and professional support to the Senior Minister (help him/her establish personal priorities and goals; encourage professional development and denomination and community work, etc.) Provide opportunities for the Senior Minister to meet and interact with congregants Act as a feedback path to the Senior Minister, as pulse-taking requires Make suggestions regarding ministerial compensation elements or other concerns relevant to the support of the professional ministry. Organize celebrations of recognition for the Senior Minister, as authorized Model and promote Right Relationship between the minister and congregation Maintain discretion as necessary.


Meet regularly, at least monthly, with the Senior Minister Recognize the Senior Minister’s birthday and anniversary of joining FCB.

Membership & Terms:

The committee will be staffed by 3 members serving overlapping terms to provide continuity, with no member serving more than 3 consecutive years.  New members will be selected by mutual agreement of the Senior Minister and the Parish Board President.

The committee meets on a regular schedule, monthly or as necessary.

The current members are:

Jeanne Widmer, Carolyn Howard and Mike Collins