Human Resources Committee


Lucy Pullen, Ann Dexter

The HR Committee continues to support First Church staff with respect to professional goals, duties, compensation, and performance. On behalf of the staff, we checked in with them at points during the year and helped to address staff needs, benefits questions, and strove to meet their support staff needs. Previously we conducted searches and filled the positions of Youth Assistant, RE Assistant and Youth Advisor. The HR Committee updated compensation levels based on UUA recommendations  for the coming fiscal year, and recommended these levels to the Parish Board for consideration in budgeting. We assisted the Ministerial Relations Committee with information on staff reviews. Ongoing efforts continue to be targeted toward standardized benefits implementation, and the development of uniform policies and procedures. We standardized some hiring procedures and accompanying documentation, and reviewed material for an employee manual. The HR Committee welcomes the participation of anyone interested in supporting First Church staff, by working on small or larger projects. The HR Committee is available to The First Church membership to respond to questions about personnel matters. Please contact