Committee Composition, 2017–18

The Finance Committee currently is comprised of 10 members, which includes members representing various financially related activities of the church along with the Parish Board President and Treasurer as ex officio members.  The current members and their other responsibilities include:
  • Jonathan Wolf: Chair, Finance Committee
  • Chris Albano: Member, Finance Committee
  • John Howe:  Member, Finance Committee
  • Jeanne Mooney:  Member, Finance Committee
  • Mark Thurber: Member, Finance Committee
  • Ana Hammock: Parish Board President, ex-officio
  • Penny Schafer: Parish Board Treasurer, ex-officio

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities

The Finance Committee exists to advise and support the church in general and the Parish Board in particular, about various matters that relate to the financial well-being of the church and its operations. It also appoints an Investment Fund  Management Committee, which is responsible for the investment and distribution of long-term funds, such as the church endowment. The Finance Committee maintains Investment Guidelines which are followed by the Investment Fund Management Committee. Typical activities of the finance committee are:
  • advising and assisting the annual pledge drive
  • reviewing, authorizing and advising fund-raising activities seeking more than $1,000 that take place on church property
  • reviewing the performance of the church’s endowment and discussing related issues with the Investment Review Committee
  • preparing preliminary annual budgets for the Parish Board
  • identifying new opportunities for revenue and cost savings for the church