The vision of the Green Sanctuary program is to affirm and promote our sense of oneness with the natural world that is at the heart of the seventh Unitarian Universalist Principle, “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Our vision is also in accordance with the goals of the Green Sanctuary program as outlined in the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations’ Green Sanctuary Program.


The mission of FCBGreen is to:

  • build awareness of environmental issues and climate change facing our society
  • raise awareness of the impact of the choices we make in our daily lives
  • motivate members to community action on environmental issues
  • build a connection between spiritual practice and living more sustainably
  • encourage members to recognize and rectify environmental injustices

This committee will conduct an environmental audit and create an action plan consisting of activities in the areas of worship, and celebration, religious education, environmental justice, and sustainable living. These activities will seek to involve all members of the Congregation. It is our intention to seek accreditation from UUA as a “green sanctuary” committee.


Specific responsibilities and goals of FCB Green include:

  • Introduce educational programming throughout the church on climate change, the environment, and the personal and collective actions we can take.
  • Work with the Property Care committee to seek to ensure that our building systems are managed for optimum performance, maintain documentation on managing those systems and assist in the selection HVAC equipment and lighting, all with the goal of reducing the church’s carbon footprint. Bring suggestions to the Parish Board.
  • Work towards green sanctuary certification from the UUA.

Leadership and membership

FCB Green is a sub-committee under the Social Action Committee.

Membership in the FCB Green Committee is open to all church members and friends. Members may choose to attend meetings related to specific FCB Green events or attend all year long on a regular basis.

Annual objectives

FCB Green will establish its objectives throughout the year and will update the church calendar when events have been scheduled.

Annual budget and spending authorities

This committee does not envision the need for a budget at this time. Rather we will collaborate with other committees on relevant matters and work within the framework of their budgets.

Reporting requirements

FCBGreen will keep records of all projects undertaken. These record will be made available to anyone within the congregation upon request. An annual report will be submitted through SAC.

Authorities Reserved to the Board and Congregation

The Parish Board approves this committee’s charter.

The Parish Board will review and approve congregation-wide policies proposed by this committee.

The Parish Board may remove any member or disband this committee at its discretion.

Relationship to Other Committees

The team will collaborate closely with our minister and a number of other church committees, specifically Social Action, Property Care, Finance, Adult Religious Education (“R.E.”), Children’s R.E. Some examples of where we will collaborate include:

  • Work with R.E. and other committees to build awareness of environmental issues and the seventh Unitarian Universalist principle and coordinate community service opportunities for children and youth
  • Work with the Worship Committee to incorporate, where applicable, church-wide environmental themes into worship services
  • Partner with Social Action on events / topics dealing environmental injustice
  • Partner with the Property Care committee to support the goal of energy efficient building systems, maintain documentation on managing those systems and assist in the selection HVAC equipment and lighting as / when needed
  • Attend monthly Program Council meetings to stay abreast of what other committees are doing and to offer our service where appropriate