The Parish Board on April 5, 2009, established the Committee on Ministry as a standing committee. The paramount duty of the COM is fidelity to First Church’s Mission/Vision and its connection to the church as a whole, where the whole is thought of as leadership, staff, and the congregation. The committee’s role will be to:

  • Educate the congregation regarding Shared Ministry and what it means for individual members and groups
  • Support the health of the ministries of FC with a focus on the church as a whole
  • Provide ongoing personal and professional support to the Senior Minister (help him/her establish personal priorities and goals; encourage professional development and denomination and community work, etc.)
  • Act as a feedback path to the Senior Minister, as pulse-taking requires
  • Model and promote Right Relationship between and among all FC’s constituents
  • Promote appreciation and understanding among all FC’s stakeholders

As a standing committee, the COM will report to the Parish Board, generally every 3 months, on the health of Shared Ministry at FC and will discuss other topics, as relevant, such as:

  • The health of the church’s ministries
  • Possible improvements to evaluation tools and processes
  • Ways of improving communication and healing for parties in conflict which also discourage triangulation and suggest ways to seek mutually satisfactory solutions
  • Sponsoring workshops related to Right Relations, conflict resolution, etc., as authorized
  • Suggestions regarding ministerial compensation or other concerns relevant to the support of the professional ministry
  • Organizing celebrations of recognition for the ministries of FC, as authorized
  • Conducting listening circles or focus groups for the congregation or staff when requested
  • Maintaining discretion as necessary

Membership & Terms The committee will be staffed generally by 6 members serving overlapping terms to provide continuity, with no member serving more than 3 consecutive years. New members will be selected by mutual agreement of the Senior Minister and the Parish Board President. The committee meets on a regular schedule, monthly or as necessary. For more information please contact us at