The Mission of The Caring Connection is to provide short-term assistance and support to people in our church community and to foster enriching bonds, both old & new through this out-reach. The support we provide for individuals or families during times of challenge or crisis includes meals, visits, calls, cards, transportation, flowers and funeral collations.  If you,or someone you know, would like assistance, please contact Laurie Graham at 617-489-6483 or . We welcome volunteers to help us provide these services as well as information about folks who could use our assistance. If you know of someone in need, or would like to be added as a volunteer to the Caring Connection Support Crew, please  click here: CC Registration Form SUBMISSIONS TO “AMONG US” If you have had a life event, concern or celebration, you may submit an announcement for inclusion in the “Among Us” section of the newsletter.   The content of these submissions should be similar to what might be announced at Candles of Concern on Sunday morning.

  •  Submit your announcement to Jim Staton at or by calling his office at church 617-484-1054 x207
  •  Limit your statement to one or two sentences.
  •  No home addresses, home telephone or personal e-mail addresses.
  •  You may include a e-mail address, if you have one assigned.
  •  Keep in mind that not only is the newsletter sent to hundreds of people, but it is also posted on the church’s website.  Do not submit anything that you would not want to have said in public.
  •  Your submission may be edited or omitted due to how much space is available in the newsletter.

MEMORIAL SERVICES & COLLATIONS For Guide to Planning a Memorial Service:  CLICK HERE

For Instructions for Ushers at Memorial Services: CLICK HERE