Chilean Disaster Donations

Chilean Disaster Donations

March 4, 2010 per Rev. David Bryce:

I just went to the UUSC web site.  here are the relevant paragraphs about Chile:

The Chilean government is well equipped to respond to this disaster, despite a slow start to the deployment of aid and some protests of the lack of water, food, and shelter relief. The Chilean government has called for assistance from the international community, and the United Nations, the International Federation of the Red Cross, and other large international relief agencies are now involved in the relief effort.

While the earthquake in Chile was both stronger and deeper than the one that devastated Haiti on January 12, it has caused much less damage. Chile’s infrastructure is stronger and better built than Haiti’s, and building codes in Chile are better enforced; this accounts for the dramatic difference in the loss of life in these two terrible disasters.

UUSC will continue to focus on its response to the disaster in Haiti, where — nearly two months after the disaster — aid efforts have still not met survivors’ basic needs.

If you would like to contribute to the relief and recovery efforts in Chile, UUSC recommends that you consider supporting the work of Un Techo para Chile (A Roof for Chile). With a cadre of more than 15,000 volunteers, Un Techo para Chile works with families living in slum communities as they struggle to improve their lives. In the aftermath of the earthquake, their struggle now includes rebuilding — and your donation can help make this happen.

Link to UUSC Article:  CLICK HERE