MARCH 7, 2015


The Nominating Committee has the honor and privilege of offering slates of candidates to be presented to the congregation and voted on at the Annual Meeting, May 17, 2015 for the coming church year.  Per the By-Laws, there are three slates:  Parish Board including Officers and Trustees at Large; Finance Committee; and next year’s Nominating Committee. We are currently in the process of identifying prospective candidates.  In order to make the process as open and inclusive as possible, we invite Members of the Congregation to recommend candidates to us.  You are welcome to place your own name forward or to recommend someone you feel worthy of consideration for any of the above three committees.


Service in leadership within our Congregation is a vital part of our congregational style of church governance.   There is no clerical hierarchy to impose leadership upon us, and we have the right to choose our own leadership.  Each of us takes a turn at serving our fellow Members as we have the capacity to do so. For the coming year, we will be filling the Officer position of Vice President and one Trustee at Large position on the Parish Board.  We are seeking applicants for the positions of Parish Board Vice President and Trustee at Large.


With special gratitude to Carolyn Howard for her service as President this year, Todd Schatzki will advance next year to President, leaving a vacancy in the Vice Presidency.  The Vice President works in close coordination with the President, and also serves as Chair of the Program Council, a key position guiding the overall program coordination of the church.  We do not have an applicant for the position of Vice President presently.  Let us know if you would like to be considered. We have two vacancies on the Nominating Committees and are seeking applicants to fill both of these vacancies.


All positions mentioned do require the individual to be a Member in good standing of The First Church in Belmont.  If you are a Friend, and are interested in service in one of these capacities, please see Jim Staton to formalize your membership before making application.  Parish Board At Large Trustees serve 3-Year Terms. To make nominations or for more information, you may contact any member of the Nominating Committee shown below or the Church office, or by email to

Nominations are due on Monday, March 23.

2014-2015 Nominating Committee: Connie DiCocco, Chair; Committee Members:  Bev Gillette, Sam James, Kate Searle, Eva Patalas