Board At-Large Trustee


Committee Job Description

Committee:          Parish Board

Position:                Trustee-At-Large

Committee Overview:

In its capacity as the senior elected governing board of the church, the Parish Board:

Oversees the entire range of on-going church programs such as worship, religious education, and music;

Oversees all required administrative functions of the church such as finance, policies, communication, and human resources.

Position Description:

As a member of the 12-person Parish Board, an at-large member actively participates in the Parish Board’s oversight of the full range of the church’s programmatic and administrative functions.  At a minimum, committee members are expected to attend a monthly Parish Board meeting (currently held on Monday evenings).  Committee members are often be called on to participate in other task groups or asked to attend meetings with other committees.  As elected members of the church’s highest governing body, committee members are also expected to have a visible presence within the congregation by being frequent attendees of Sunday services and by attending other major church functions.

Skills and Attributes:

  • Must be an official member of First Church.
  • The ability to work collegially and effectively in a group setting with fellow committee members and with professional staff.
  • The ability to consider church matters from a broad perspective of what is in the best interest of the entire congregation, rather than from a narrow perspective of what is preferred by one particular interest group within the church.
  • A demonstrated commitment to the church and a familiarity with a broad range of church issues as reflected by prior service on one or more program and/or administrative church committees is strongly preferred.