Bev Gillette

Bev Gillette

Adult Programs Advisor 2011-12

Together with The Reverend David Bryce, Laurel Whitehouse (Children’s RE,) Julie Franzini (Youth Advisor,) and Allison Palm (RE – Youth assistant and student minister) Bev and the RE team oversee the wide opportunity for religious education and exploration at The First Church in Belmont.

Bev was trained in Small Group Ministry at The First Parish in Concord in 2000 where she continued to facilitate a group for five years.  During that time, with the Rev. John Nichols’ support in 2003, she initiated a Small Group Ministry program here that continues to grow in depth.  She considers this her lay ministry and is honored to be working this year with David Bryce and five excellent skilled SGM facilitators from the Belmont congregation.

In addition to Small Group Ministry,  Bev’s responsibilities include both the facilitation and development of Adult Programs. The Adult Program Committee, co-chaired again this year by Martha Bayliss and Debbie Dobbins, sponsors, recruits, and leads a variety of adult programs whose goal is to provide “opportunities for adults to find spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth by exploring diverse ideas and connecting within a safe environment.”  Additionally, Bev and David Bryce have created new ministerial programs over the past two years called “Profound Questions.”  The Profound Questions for this year will center around our church theme of “Caring.”  Bev is open to new ideas and feedback at any time and can be reached easily by phone at 617-484-1054 x207 or by email

Bev lives just over the Belmont line in Cambridge with her husband John Keller, an old cat named Meeker, and a very fat cat named Martin.  When the weather is right, she can often be found in her garden or walking Fresh Pond.  She has two UU daughters, Kate who works in Global Public Health in DC and Margot who is a script analyst in Los Angeles.

This is Bev’s 11th year as part of a very fine staff at The First Church.