Apology and Thank You's

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Dec 29, 2011: An Apology and Some Thank You’s

        On Christmas morning there was a service in the parlor followed by a brunch in the Upper Gathering Hall.   That would not have been possible without the work of a number of people—those who came bearing gifts of food; those who did not attend but had left food in the refrigerator, those who set up and cleaned up, and those who provided the music.

        There were only about sixteen people in attendance, but I think it was a successful event for those who were there.  It is now “our annual Christmas morning service and pot luck brunch”.

        I do owe an apology to those who were present, however, as during the service I told a story about one of the hymns which it turns out was not true.  I had mixed up the hymn we sang with another hymn.  I apologize for that faux pas; it is an unfortunate consequence that can happen when one spontaneously speaks about things without first checking the data.  (For those in attendance at the service, it was the story about “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear” by Sears.  This is a “teaser”: If you come to the service next year I shall explicate in full.)

        One of the problems with errors is that they become magnified; had my story been properly attributed only the sixteen people present would have known about it, but because I made a mistake everyone who reads this column will now know about it.  

         Life is too often like that.  Our many good words and deeds can be easily forgotten, our few misspoken words or ill done deeds can become, in other people’s minds, emblematic of who we are.  I hope that is not true in this case.

        One lesson of this might be that we take care not only in judging faults within ourselves but also in judging faults within others; may we strive to judge people more by their good words and actions than by their mistakes.  And perhaps we can judge life, the universe and the divine in the same way.