Adult Programs Winter Happenings

Race in the Eye of the Beholder

Sunday, January 12, 12:30-2pm, Library

Jeff Speller with Edwin Taylor

A discussion about the nature of racial bias and prejudice and its impact. Members of the First Church will discuss their experiences of being the target of racial  bias and prejudice which will be followed by a general discussion about race, racism and what to do about it.


Paint the Change You Want to See: Tapping your Creativity to ease Transitions

Sunday, January 12, 2-4pm, Parlor

Sheri Kennedy

Creativity and Innovation have recently become buzz words, however, creativity is not just for artists and experts. In this workshop, a brief history and discussion of creativity will lead to experiential activities designed to make creative expression fun and practical for solving a tough challenge or easing a difficult transition.


Spiritual Renewal Through Poetry

Peter Guthrie

Good poems can help us see ourselves and our lives more clearly, trigger moments of epiphany, and cut through the confusion of life to what truly matters: How can we lead a meaningful life? How can we connect on a deeper level with ourselves and others? We will read and discuss poems that deal with spiritual issues in the broadest sense of the term.

 Sundays, Jan. 19, 26, Feb. 2, 9, 3-4pm,  Parlor


TRASHED with Jeremy Irons Multi-generational film and discussion

Together with the Social Action Committee and Adult Programs, the Youth Group invites you to a screening of TRASHED.  We hope you’ll join us to watch the film and then participate in multi-generational listening circles afterward, where we’ll reflect on the film and our church-wide theme of connecting neighbors.


Sun., Jan. 26, 12:30pm, Parish Hall


Shame and Moral Courage

Doris Hunter, Niti Seth, Edwin Taylor

Shame involves feelings of embarrassment, dishonor, disgrace, inadequacy, humiliation or chagrin.  Many cultures use shame to impose community values.  Do we UU’s escape this kind of control?  Should we?

Sunday, Feb. 9, 12:30-2pm, Library


A Transcendentalist Series: Shaping American thought and culture:

           Margaret Fuller,

           Bronson Alcott,

           Ralph Waldo Emerson,

           Walt whitman

The Transcendentalists believed that society and its institutions—particularly organized religion and political parties—ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. Through nature, they believed that the individual was directly linked to God.  How did each of them identify with this radical new philosophy?  Join Megan Marshall, Jan Turnquist, Al Herter, and Laurie Carter Noble as they explore these remarkable iconoclasts.

Margaret  Fuller – Author, speaker, radical thinker

Megan Marshall, author of the widely acclaimed biography entitled

Margaret Fuller: A New American Life,    will share stories about Fuller’s short but extraordinary life.

 Wed., Jan. 29, 7:30pm, Parish Hall

Bronson Alcott & Emerson

Orchard House director, Jan Turnquist, will discuss Alcott’s and Emerson’s remarkable friendship and the impact it had on their lives.         Al Herter will reflect on “Waldo & Me: My 45 year friendship and reliance on “The Sage of Concord”. (Program will be part of the European Unitarian Universalist retreat this spring in France.)

Tues., Feb. 25, 7:30pm, Parish Hall


Walt Whitman

Laurie Carter Noble explores the irreverent, lusty, radical poet Walt Whitman.  Determined to forge a new path for American poetry, Whitman pioneered the use of free verse. Through his ground breaking collection of poems “Leaves of Grass” he revolutionized an art form.

Sun., March 16, 12:30pm, Library


Spirituality and Sexuality #2

Diana Dill and Karl Klasson

Do your sexual and spiritual selves speak to each other? How does literature help to connect us to our ideals?  We encourage you to bring a favorite piece to share.

Sunday, March 2, 12:30-2pm, Library


Music That Moves Us

Roger H. Brown, Alfa Joy Radford, Ken Stahlberg

We will explore the various ways music has supported, consoled, uplifted and deepened the moments of our lives.  Please bring your favorite piece of music to share and help us to understand what it has meant in your life.  Our panel will guide us on a journey to a deeper understanding of why music is elemental to life.

 Wed., March 5, 7:30pm, Parish Hall