My three children grew up at The First Church in Belmont. They are now college-age, but throughout their childhood First Church enriched our family in so many ways. The Unitarian Universalist principles provided a moral basis for them to interpret the world (more…)


Good Morning. I’m Jonathan Wolf, here to describe to you my spiritual journey. As some of you who came to the special meeting on fossil fuel divestment a few weeks ago know, the last phase of the journey so far ends with a terrible case of poison ivy, both arms covered in blisters, and my left eye swollen shut. After hearing about my journey, you may think it’s karma.



My first brush with Unitarianism came when I was in elementary school. On the way home from school one day, Wendy Wentworth, a girl I knew, pressed her face against an elm tree and curled her finger into a “come hither” gesture. I went behind the tree and she kissed me. She was a Unitarian. (more…)



I will begin this story when I was age seven or eight and my bible was Popular Science Monthly. I was intrigued by the explanations of how things worked, and it stimulated my interest in electricity and electronics, which became the focus of my studies at MIT. My parents were basically agnostic and religion was hardly ever discussed. (more…)


I was raised in a small town in southern Germany, surrounded by a family clan of more than 200. You can tell by the size of this clan that my family is deeply catholic. Two uncles are priests, I was an altar boy until age 15, and my aunt predicted eternal hell for me when I skipped my first Sunday service ever at about that age. (more…)


When I look back on my spiritual journey, I see three areas that played a role. The first was form, then social action, and finally nature. I grew up in the South and, with various relatives, attended a number of churches. One thing that interested me, as a child, (more…)


Hi, I’m Steve Saar, one of your friendly local astronomers. I mention this, because astronomy, and a love and awe of nature and its workings in general, plays a major role in my spiritual journey.



My name is Paul Santos. I joined this congregation in the 1970s. This is the story of how I came to be among you.

I grew up as an “other” in the purest sense of the term. I did not belong to any religious tradition, and was not part of any cultural, national, or social group. I was born in Brazil, grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, (more…)