The Parish Board


Ana Hammock

Ana has been coming to First Church since she was five years old. However, she did not become an official member until she returned from living overseas ten years ago. She is Vice President of Lending at Accion East, a non-profit microlending organization that strives to create a world of financial inclusion for all. Prior … Continued


Marion Westgate
Vice President

Marion works at WGBH as a Development Officer for Annual Major Gifts. She and her husband Sean have been members of First Church for 7 years. They are proud parents of 2-year-old Thomas, who has been a part of the church community since before he was even born! Marion became a member of the Social … Continued


Penny Schafer

Penny and her husband Bob joined First Church over 30 years ago and raised their son Karl in this church. Over the years, Penny has taught Children’s Religious Education, helped with fundraisers and served as an at large member on a past Parish Board. Now she is on the Parish Board as Treasurer. Before her … Continued


Todd Schatzki
Ex-Officio President

Todd and his wife Gretchen came to First Church over a decade ago. They have three children, Ariana (24), Chenoa (21) and Sophie (16), all of whom have been active in the church community and participants in the musicals. Before serving as President and Vice President of the Parish Board, Todd taught CRE and contributed … Continued


Lauren Corning

Lauren and her family have been active participants at First Church since 2004.  She has served on the Adult Program Committee, Membership Committee, Communication Committee, and now on the Database Committee implementing a new member database for the Church. She has been involved in UU communities throughout her life, as she grew up participating in … Continued


Deveaux Duckworth

Deveaux and her husband, Greg, joined First Church in 2007. They have two daughters, Greer (24) and Key (20), who were active in the youth group. Over the years Deveaux has chaired the Fellowship committee, taught RE and volunteered with the musical and the rummage sale. She has served on the Parish Board since November … Continued


Jackie James

Jackie is a research professor and co-director of Center on Aging and Work at Boston College.  She and her husband Sam James have been members of First Church since 1988.  They have a son Ryan James, a daughter Carrie James Rankin and a grandson Cooper Rankin.  Jackie served on the ministerial committee for several years and … Continued


Eloise McGaw

Eloise joined First Church over 25 years ago and over these years was involved in Youth Group leadership, Ministerial Committee for Ned Wight, the Worship Committee, and currently serves as a Worship Assistant, as well as a facilitator for the newly-formed Women’s Group. She is married to Robert McGaw and their now-married children Bridger and … Continued


Jody Renouf

In April 2005, Jody and his now-husband Mark Rosenstein attended a wedding at First Church.  They became members in 2006 and married here themselves on April 30, 2011. The 2005 wedding couple have since moved, but Jody and Mark became quite active with the church.  Jody has worked with FCB Green for two years and … Continued


Hanspeter Pfister

In 2012, Hanspeter’s wife Jennifer Rodrick heard about the excellent music program at First Church through friends who had participated in the annual plays.   They enrolled their daughters in the choir and joined the same year.  Hanspeter is a professor of Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. … Continued


Karsten Kueppenbender

Karsten and his wife Siobhan O’Neill started attending First Church a few months after their youngest son Ronan was born. Ronan turned 6 in 2016. His brothers Etienne and Kiril are 10 and 13. Karsten has served on the Children’s Religious Education (CRE) Committee since 2011 and enjoys teaching CRE on Sundays. Siobhan has been … Continued

Michael Griffin

Michael and his family have been active members of First Church since 2002. Michael has been part of the Ministerial Search Committee, Property Care Committee, COA Mentor, and Kitchen Crew. Michael and Nicole are proud parents of Michael and Alex. Both of their sons have participated in RE, COA, OWL, Youth Group, and many of … Continued