Adopted by the Congregation May 15, 2011


The First Church in Belmont, Unitarian Universalist

Our Covenant with Each Other

Understanding that caring for each other is essential for the wellbeing of ourselves,  our church community and our world, we will:

  • Welcome, engage and include one another;
  • Communicate with care and honesty;
  • Listen with attention and empathy;
  • Honor the many perspectives we hold;
  • Reach out to each other in times of need;
  • Trust in one another’s good intentions;
  • Forgive each other and ourselves for our limitations;
  • Share our talents, compassion, and material resources generously for the benefit of all; and
  • Express appreciation for the contributions given by one another to our community.

We know that we will not always live up to these aspirations, yet we will always try to be guided by the spirit of love.