Most church space is rented in four-hour blocks, to allow for set-up and clean-up. All rooms in the church are wheelchair-accessible.

Sanctuary and Parlor*

  • Sanctuary seats 192; Parlor seats 22
  • Standard rate: $400; $50 each additional hour
  • Non-profit rate+: $200; $25 each additional hour
  • FCB Members**: No charge up to 3 hours; $25 each additional hour

Parish Hall; includes use of Upper Hall if needed

  • Seats 150 – 200 at 6′ banquet tables (provided)
  • Large projection screen, full audiovisual system, and stage
  • Maximum capacity seated in rows, facing the stage: 220 (please note we have 150 chairs; extras need to be rented; see below)
  • Maximum standing-only capacity 309
  • Stage seats 40 (max capacity 60)
  • Standard rate: $600; $100 each additional hour
  • Non-profit rate: $400; $50 each additional hour
  • FCB Members: $300; $25 each additional hour
  • Use of kitchen to stage food: $50
  • The church does not have table linens, dishes, glassware or cutlery available for rental use (see below)
  • We have a large standing freezer and refrigerator that may be used. The church does not have an ice-maker.
  • Since the Parish Hall has many rentals and is also frequently used by the church, setup and decoration should be planned for the same day of the event and should be discussed with the Church Administrator.
  • Drop off of materials and rental items is usually possible the day before the event, during office hours. Check with the Church Administrator.
  • Food and alcohol service is regulated by the Town of Belmont. Caterers need a permit from the town; alcohol service requires a permit from the town and proof of insurance. Renters are required to secure this from the town in advance of their event.

Kitchen and Upper Hall

  • We have a professional, commercial kitchen suitable for cooking classes. Renters are responsible for cleaning the kitchen and all equipment used at the end of the event
  • Capacity: 14
  • Standard rate: $250
  • Non-profit rate: $150
  • FCB Members: $25

Rooms rented by the hour


  • Seats 30 theater-style in rows or 12 on easy chairs and sofas; has video screen
  • Standard rate: $50
  • Non-profit rate: $25
  • FCB Members: $10

Classrooms (two classrooms that seat up to 20; three classrooms that seat 8-10)

  • Standard rate: $25
  • Non-profit rate: $15
  • FCB Members: $10


  • The church has a very small lot: 24 spaces plus 2 reserved handicapped spaces. The parking lot is “reserved” only for weddings and memorial services.
  • The church has an outdoor bicycle rack and is very near commuter rail and bus routes.
  • We recommend that your guests park in the municipal lot on Claflin Street, about a 5 minute walk away, or use street parking on Concord Avenue.


*FCB Members refers to members of record of The First Church in Belmont, who are planning a private event for family or friends. The event cannot include fundraising or the sale of tickets, cannot produce income for the member or others, and cannot be affiliated with or on behalf of any organization, either for-profit or non-profit. FCB members pay standard Sexton/Custodial fees, including for use of the Sanctuary, if the Church determines that custodial services are required.

** Food and drinks are not permitted in the Sanctuary and Parlor.

+Nonprofit refers to organizations with a 501c3 tax id number, which must be provided on the rental application.

Optional rental fees

Parish Hall Audio, $10

  • Use of two hand-held wireless microphones
  • Use of two lavaliere wireless microphones
  • Use of speakers, with auxiliary input (plug in an iPod or other device with a headphone jack)

Parish Hall Video, $25

  • Use of two hand-held wireless microphones
  • Use of two lavaliere wireless microphones
  • Use of speakers
  • Use of projector and screen (system works with a DVD, flash drive, or laptop)

Parish Hall Full tech, $100; includes

  • Use of two hand-held wireless microphones
  • Use of two lavaliere wireless microphones
  • Use of speakers
  • Use of projector and screen
  • Additional microphones and cables as inventory allows
  • Stage lighting
  • FCB staff audio tech at $30/hr. Staff is required and must be arranged well in advance.

Piano in the Sanctuary or the Parish Hall: $100 per event, with permission of the Director of Music.

Local vendors familiar with our space

Please note that use of the building is regulated by the church’s tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service so, for instance, the premises may not be rented or used to engage in political campaigning. Please contact the Church Administrator with questions regarding building use.