A Late Summer Reverie

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A Late Summer Reverie

 Early September is a month oddly out of time.  It is still summer “officially” as the solstice has not yet occurred.  And yet for some of us the chill evenings of this time of year mean sweaters, quilts and hot soups. 

And school has begun. While some school systems engage in the sacrilegious practice of starting classes before Labor Day, even the more orthodox practitioners have by now opened their schools.  And some leaves have begun to turn and even begun to drift down from trees.  So although summer lingers for a few more days, autumnal feelings have already crept in. 

My mind likes to have things neatly boxed, packaged and categorized.  Summer should be summer and autumn should be autumn; to have each leach into the other just feels wrong.  But that is life.

Mammals evolved from reptiles.  But if you seek the moment in that evolutionary path where one can say that all generations up to a particular point were reptiles and all later generations were mammals, one soon finds that such a moment does not exist.  There is instead a slow evolution with many generations of creatures showing mixed characteristics.

And so it is in all of life. 

At the edges of things there are rarely clear boundaries.  It is sometimes the case that the more starkly we try to define things the more we are befuddled by what is. 

When, really, didRomefall (not as easy a question to answer as some think).

What is a planet and what is not?

What is religion and what is not?

Where does life begin? 

Where does life end? 

What do I believe?  The latter may seem easy to define, but it often isn’t.  There may be times when we categorize our beliefs clearly and starkly; but it is sometimes the case that other ideas slowly leach in to our easy categories and boxes.  May I always be open to surprises, to change to new ways of thinking and being.