FCB Youth Group Open Mic Night

 Friday, January 5 @ 7:30pm

The night will feature performances from members of our First Church Youth Group (along with alumni and friends). This fantastically talented group will put on a show filled with moving, surprising, provocative and altogether irresistible performances! So come on out and show these wonderful young people how much you appreciate their energy and talent and their support of social action.

The second part of the night will feature The Saplings!*
(*FCB Youth Group Alumni Rowan Wolf’s band!)

Love songs. Hate songs. Unavoidable fate songs. Grooves of the old. Sounds of the new. (With some sounds of the old too, of course!) Horns, there are four; all some sort of brass. Push us from soft to full sound in the flashiest flash. Keyboards and Rhodes, guitar, bass and drums. 4-part R.A.D. vocals for your listening fun. Come hear our pop. Like never before. Traces of rock, ska, jazz, maybe more? Come hear the band ’cause we’re coming to you. The tree grows bigger like all saplings do.

Admission $12

Students & Seniors $8 Coffee & Refreshments available.

This month’s featured charity:

Youth Build — www.youthbuild.org

Providing education and real job skills — as well as peer and adult guidance — to low-income youth in order to unleash the positive energy to rebuild their communities and lives nationally and globally.