Youth Group Statement to Invest Responsibly and Divest From Fossil Fuels

To the congregation of the First Church in Belmont Unitarian Universalist:

We the Youth Group are releasing this statement in support of the vote to invest responsibly. We know that our world and our lives will be harmed by global warming. On our service trip we also saw how climate change and mining coal are destroying the environment and communities in West Virginia. It worries us. We and our children will bear the full brunt of climate change. To stop global warming, every individual, every organization, and every government needs to do everything it can to stop burning fossil fuels. As a UU congregation whose values include the preservation of the interdependent web of life, we should be the first and the most willing to do everything we can. So we, the undersigned members of the Youth Group, call upon our congregation to divest from fossil fuels. Please do this. It’s one of the many important things we can do right now. Please don’t let fossil fuel companies use our money to extract and sell fossil fuels. Let’s stand together to put our values into action.

Youth Group Members 2017