First Church UUSC Activities for the 2015-2016 Year

November 22

Guest at Your Table Sunday
Worship and Children’s Religious Education UUSC holiday cards sold at coffee hours (repeated Nov. 29)
December 6

Holiday Fair with UUSC merchandise and cards at coffee hours
June 6

Justice Sunday featuring the last sermon of retiring Rev. Bill Schultz, UUSC CEO
(Check the list again for added activities and collaborations with other groups, and see the monthly UUSC note in the newsletter.)
UUSC Initiatives

Compassionate Consumption
Sustainable Recovery in Haiti
Human Right to Water
Group Membership

To join, please contact any current member of the UUSC Team: Downing Cless, Frederika Frost, Jim Landfried, Jim Staton, Alice Trexler or Bill Zinn (SAC liaison).

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