Music Notes

This past weekend we celebrated Alfa Radford’s 55 years of service to this community with a wonderful concert, and the plaque that was commissioned now hangs at the back of the Sanctuary for all to see. Thank you to the many people who made the evening such a success.
     To the audience that packed the Sanctuary, thank you for taking the time to share the evening with all of us.
     To Alfa, Kira, Chuck, Davron, Irina, Livia, Nina, Robin, and Simon, thank you for contributing your time and talent to the concert.
     To Pamela and Darrell, thank you for all of the phone calls and emails that made the fundraising possible.
     To each and every donor who gave to the Alfa Radford Legacy Fund, thank you for ensuring that the impact she will have on the music program at the church will never end.
     And finally to Alfa, thank you for being such a dedicated, wonderful part of the community for so long.